Katie Stader Holmes

CREDENTIALS: US National competitor in Junior Dance and passed the USFS Gold Pattern test in ice dance.

PSA Ratings: Certified in Moves in the Field, Dance and Group.

For my 8th birthday I was given a pair of used skates and group skating lessons. I quickly fell in love with skating and performing. My team of coaches allowed me to try many different aspects of skating: singles, pairs, dance, synchro and my passion for dance was the strongest. My parents moved to Los Angeles so I could train with an Olympic ice dance coach and three short years later I was at the US Nationals! I came back to skating after earning a degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas and tested my Gold dances and a few International dances. I've continued to skate at social ice dance weekends and enjoy this wonderful sport. I've taught in various Kansas City rinks for 20 years and have been fortunate to have skaters pass USFS Gold and International dance tests, Gold Moves in the Field tests and compete at Junior Nationals, Regionals and Adult Nationals.

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: Have fun while learning! Skaters gain a sense of confidence as their skills improve and they keep coming back to learn because they are having fun! I'm also interested in growing smart skaters who know how the biomechanics of skating works. I enjoy teaching all ages and helping skaters achieve their goals and dreams.


SKATING DISCIPLINE(S) TAUGHT: Freestyle, Singles, Ice Dancing, Skating Skills (AKA: Moves in the Field) and Hockey skating skills


Contact information:

Email Address: 1skatinglesson@gmail.com

Phone Number: 844-717-4758

Website: KatieHolmesIceSkating.com