Winterfest 2023

Winterfest is back!

The Fort Collins Figure Skating Club is honored to again to produce our 3rd annual Winterfest Exhibition Skate at Epic on Saturday December 16th, 2023 from 2:15-5:45pm on the Blue Rink. All club members, full and compete USA, may sign up for up to 2 programs. Programs consist of solo(s), duet/trio(s), or mini productions.

Cost is $15/program. Sign up using the form below. EACH SKATER NEEDS TO SIGN UP, i.e. if a duet signs up, both skaters need to fill out the form but it is one $15 charge for the program.

Music length time limits for each level are listed below. These are *limits* and programs may be shorter. For all group numbers, use the music length limit of the highest level skater in the group.

Snowplow Sam 1:00 Snowplow Sam 1:20 Snowplow Sam - Freeskate 6 2:30
Basic 1-6 1:10 Basic 1-6 1:20 Adult 1-6 2:30
Pre-Freeskate- Freeskate 6 1:20 Pre-Freeskate- Freeskate 6 1:20 Adult Pre-Bronze - Adult Silver 2:30
Adult 1-6 1:20 Adult 1-6 1:20 Adult Gold-Masters 3:30
Adult Pre-Bronze-Adult Gold 1:40 Adult Pre-Bronze-Adult Gold 1:40 Pre-Preliminary- Juvenile/Open Juv 2:30
Masters 2:10 Masters 2:10 Intermediate- Senior 3:30
Pre-Preliminary 1:20 Pre-Preliminary 1:20
Preliminary-Pre-Juvenile 1:40 Preliminary-Pre-Juvenile 1:40
Juvenile/Open Juvenile 2:00 Juvenile/Open Juvenile 2:00
Intermediate-Novice 2:10 Intermediate-Novice 2:10
Junior 2:30 Junior 2:30
Senior 2:40 Senior 2:40

You may choreograph your own routine or you may hire a coach or coaches to help you. The purpose of Winterfest is for FUN and to allow our skaters the opportunity to practice skating under the spotlights, and get into the holiday spirit!

Please email your music in mp3 form to NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 10, 2023